Old Los Angeles

When Laura Scott was walking the streets of Los Angeles at the turn of the 20th century, there were only about 2,000 black people living in the city.

Laura Scott and her best friend Ada Stanley both lived in the heart of Los Angeles’s black enclave in the early 1990s. Laura Scott lived at 117 1/2 North San Pedro Street in 1905. The image below is of a boarding house at 443 San Pedro Street. Perhaps this is the type of house that Laura lived in.

A Boarding House at 443 San Pedro Street

She would likely have shopped for produce and other food supplies at the San Pedro Street Produce Market.

San Pedro Street Market

The Central Avenue business district was close by and they could also shop at a myriad of black-owned establishments mixed in with businesses owned by Jewish, Chinese, and Mexican entrepreneurs.

First and Central Avenue

Not far from First Street and Central Avenue was the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. It is likely that Laura and Ada frequently also found themselves among the crowds of people who made their way to and from Broadway Ave.

Busy scene on Broadway

If she wanted to shop at a local department store, she might have gone to the Broadway Department store which opened in 1907.

Broadway Department Store

After an exhausting day of walking and shopping, Laura and Ada could have caught a ride back to San Pedro Street on the Trolley.

Spring Street at Night